Grow Bradford is an initiative to unite people and places around the themes of food growing, biodiversity and developing ourselves within community


Growing tips and advice for Bradford growers

We share a monthly growing sheet with a focus on a particular vegetable as well as our monthly #LoveYourVeg social media campaign where we encourage people to share the veg they love to grow or eat. We ask people to share a photo or recipe and why they love the veg they are sharing.

Will you join us by sharing our growing tips or your favourite veg?

This upload is a description with images and text boxes of what to sow in July

“Permaculture is a revolution disguised as organic gardening”, according to Bill Mollison (RIP)!

Want to find out more about permaculture.
Read an interview with him here where his is quoted

A garden is a nursery for nurturing connection, the soil for cultivation of practical reverence. And its power goes far beyond the garden gate—once you develop a relationship with a little patch of earth, it becomes a seed itself. Something essential happens in a vegetable garden. It’s a place where if you can’t say “I love you” out loud, you can say it in seeds. And the land will reciprocate, in beans.”
― Robin Wall Kimmerer, Author of Braiding Sweetgrass