Grow Bradford is an initiative to unite people and places around the themes of food growing and developing ourselves within community
Grow Bradford is an initiative to unite people and places around the themes of food growing and developing ourselves within community

Allotment growers

Bradford council manages an allotment service across the city. If you are interested in starting or continuing to grow in Bradford then one option is to apply to the council for an allotment. Some areas also have allotments not run by the council’s allotment service, such as parish councils, and some are even run independently by the allotmenteers themselves, such as the site at Northcliffe in Shipley.

We will be sharing updates and inspiration from allotments across the city.

Here’s a video of the fabulous growers from Northcliffe Allotment Society and the #ShareYourSpare scheme they are promoting!

If you’d like to share from your allotment as an individual or project please tag us in your updates @growbradford #growbradford.

Let’s get the city growing!

Individual growers

If you’re a grower wanting to share with others or learn more about growing your own food please visit our pages often and tag us in your social media posts @growbradford #growbradford

There are many great growers out there on social media as well as in Bradford, so let’s get growing!

If you are growing at home, on a windowsill, in a yard or garden you may find our social media threads full of people growing in the same kind of environment and weather as you, as we aim to share content appropriate for Bradford growers.

Of course if you’re visiting from further afield we hope you find something of interest here too!

If you would like space to grow your own food, you may want to get an allotment, so check out our allotment grower page or join or invigorate a growing group. The group page has info from other groups. If you’re growing through a larger organisation there’s the organisation page. We also have a resources page where you can find out about places to find or buy what you need, including tools and info.


There are larger and more formal organisations working with food growing, either because that’s what they do or because they have a specific food growing element!

The video Grow Bradford made below shows the gardens at Esholt Hall that were developed by Spongetree and Pippa Chapman at the Yorkshire Water site.

Watch this space! Please tag us and share when you find new food growing across the city, so we can inspire more people to get involved!


We are currently funded by Bradford Council’s Public Health team. We are visiting and documenting food growing projects across Bradford to to raise the profile of food growing and to inspire other growers and a community led growing approach.

We hope you will find resources, share ideas, and generally help us increase the presence and popularity of food growing in Bradford. 

See our pages designed to support you in your growing whether you are an individual grower, an allotment grower, a group or community organisation or a larger more formal organisation.

We also have a separate resources page where we share useful information about where you can share and learn, and find items you might find useful.

We also share inspiration via a blog where we host other growers and help build the growing community! Let’s get growing!

As far as possible we focus on raising the profile of activity in Bradford.  Where useful, for example, for technical information or resources, links are included from further afield.